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Thread: WTB Stock Resurrection body and Empire Sniper Frame!

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    WTB Stock Resurrection body and Empire Sniper Frame!

    Hello there I'm starting on a project pump gun based off the empire resurrection/sniper. Hopefully some of you kept your stock parts because I want to buy them! I'm basically looking for an empire sniper with a resurrection body without the pump kit or barrel kit. The resurrection body and sniper frame must be Dust black. Sorry no grey or custom anno parts.

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    I have a stock Resurrection body in black. Only a Res frame, pump frame. Do you need the valve, pneumatics or anything like that? Message me with what you need and your offer and we'll go from there.

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    I have a pump sniper frame with autotrigger. Nm you want black.

    Ressy frames can be moded to accept autotrigger

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