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Thread: Resurrection spring'ing (particularly with HF valve)

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    Resurrection spring'ing (particularly with HF valve)

    Hey guys, I've got another question for the man and the masses. Has anyone tried a different valve spring in your Resurrections, and what were your results?

    I recently picked up a HF valve but have yet to install it. I was hoping its quick-closing design would allow for a lighter valve spring to be used, and therefore a lighter hammer spring and all the benefits that go along with it. Would a lighter valve spring with the HF valve allow for a lighter hammer spring? Would the lighter valve spring negativity effect the consistency or efficiency if coupled with an appropriate hammer spring?

    Thanks in advance!

    edit: I just realized I posted this in the news/general discussion but mean't to post in the tech section. Feel free to move the thread if you'd like.
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    The HF valve is really quite independent of the valve spring. The spring it comes with is under very little compression when it is installed and really works just to keep everything seated before gas up.

    You won't find a huge difference from swapping it out for a lighter one (depending on everything else as there are so many variables with a cocker). It uses the gas flow and back pressure to close very quickly. You will get the best benefits from it by having an efficient bolt system and barrel up stream. That will allow you to run a lighter hammer spring to reduce velocity if that's your goal.

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