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Thread: Travel Suggestions

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    there are a lot of big events, that are actually pretty boring paintball events. something to keep in mind.
    "the fact is, Jack Rice and team make a paintball gun, that works, and works pretty well actually. I think that says everything that needs to be said about the state of paintball gun engineering"

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    My father had dialysis 3 times a week. C-def destroyed his kidneys. He passed away to an unrelated, thing. He was also diabetic, which played havoc with everything. So yeah, i do understand.

    Anyway, i was thinking short time. I hate to echo gordon, but yeah places like Living Legends, i had a better experience not playing than i did playing the game. My expectations were askewed when i played first, but the 2nd time (this past game) it was much better, though the rain destroyed my knee. Sucks getting over 40.

    So pick the game that has everything you want to see. Vendors, people, places, fields and go crazy. Live life to the fullest. To me, this is a position of no regrets. If you can do it (monetarily and logistically), then do it.

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    Nobody, sympathy for your loss. Most people with kidney disease have diabetes as well and I always considered myself very lucky to not be one of them. The renal diet was bad enough, throw the diabetic diet in there and you kind of cut off food.

    I was 41 when the kidneys failed. Then soon after I got a bunch of other ailments that were treatable and went away, including an ultra rare, near harmless, throat condition called Esophagitis dessicans superficialis. All as I hit 40.

    Cockerpunk, that does make sense, and I suppose I knew it somewhere in my brain, but thanks for explicitly saying it to make sure I think about it. We had a game here that everyone was blown away and happy that it had 3 times the most number we ever had at a game. The very next year they capped it to half the number of players because our fields around here were not large enough to handle it. Everyone complained that there was no movement and nothing could be done with it being so crowded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pbjosh View Post
    WOW on the Kidney. Life changing. That is awesome.

    Fulda Gap is a great event. I will be there also. We could have a meet up. If you fly into Charlotte you can ride with us on the way up, we are based 10 minutes from the airport and a bit over an hour from the game. We normally get a cheap motel because it can get cold at night there.

    Pretty sure I'm going to go to Fulda Gap.
    Not going to Tunaball this year.
    Thanks for the info, I will fly into Charlotte, and definitely not camping.

    endeavor to persevere.......

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    Normally Fulda comes at a bad time of year for me to make the game. In fact, I've only had that weekend open once in the past five years, when someone talked me into playing local instead (btw, every local field is dead the weekend of Fulda Gap). I'd love to make it happen and get my daughters up there this year, though.

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