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Thread: OT: Politics

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nobody View Post
    What the fuck?

    Lol, how did you type so clearly, while your head was up your ass with this?
    quoted for posterity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PBSteve View Post
    All lives matter, until the brown people are quiet and it?s time to sacrifice grandma to The Economy.
    Welp, the brown people aren't quiet anymore so we're back to all lives matter and suddenly the police are always right.

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    So, it seems like things have been continuing the trendline since anyone last posted around here. Let's see:

    1. Bolton's book "The Room Where It Happened" blew up on sales and further confirmed Trump is incapable, but it seems baked in.
    2. Coronavirus continues to progress around the country and now multiple areas look like New York in April today.
    3. Some real civil rights victories at the supreme court (for now) with abortion and LGBTQ equal rights, but I feel like Espinoza is going to be a nightmare to untangle.
    4. 4 months out from November elections, but if they were held today it would be a slaughter of the GOP. Georgia and Kansas contested?

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    lets be careful, this time in 2016 things were looking pretty bleak for the GOP as well. honestly, until janaury 2021 actually seeing him leave the white house, i wouldnt count my chickens. an electoral victory in November is no guarantee he leaves peacefully. id also put very very very little stock in the pipe dream of him dropping out.

    for the first time in 10+ years the senate looks in play, with a D senate and house, trump is nullified if not actually removed. the real power i think is there.

    its sad that its taken 100k+ dead to convince some people that maybe trump isn't a great idea. by November, unless we do another lock down, it will be more than double that. the economy is tanking either way.

    him losing isn't the end of trumpism either. the blindfold has been pulled off. fully 40% of the country is totally fine with fascism. dont expect the republicans to drop fascism if trump loses.
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    social conservatism: the mortal fear that someone, somewhere, might be having fun.

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