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Thread: OT: Politics

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    the EU and japan just signed a free trade agreement as well.

    trump is single handedly destroy the american empire.

    make russia great again!
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    So glad we're calling out those bastards in Montenegro.

    Any guesses on the next Crimea? It would be pretty bold for Putin to try and take a NATO member, but at this rate it seems possible by 2020.
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    If you take Latvia, Estonia is surrounded and easier to pressure from all sides. Finland is more european-ized in America's political consciousness, and so you either can make a bolder strike taking it, or expect greater pushback from Americans if you cross into the peninsula. I vote Latvia would be the next target.

    EDIT: Wow, I did not know that Finland was not a member of Nato. Latvia is the even more obvious choice then.

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    Understanding Russian aggression is probably worthwhile from a geopolitical standpoint:
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