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Thread: Free Inception stickers!

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    Free Inception stickers!

    Want free Inception stickers?

    Send a self addressed and postage paid for envelope to

    Inception Designs
    660 Main St
    NJ, 08080

    and I'll put stickers in the envelope you sent and send them back to you.

    No cost other than making sure you send me an envelope to return them in with the postage already paid for.

    If you feel like contributing to help get more stickers made to send out then that would be cool but it isn't necessary.

    Post up pictures of them in use at paintball events/locations and I'll see if I can find some other stuff to give away to the coolest/best locations and photo's.
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    Woot Woot Woot!

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    SASE incoming. Got to get some more for Decay! I wonder if these will adhere to scalp. I recall a post on the internet somewhere about Sanjay missing out on selling some ad space.

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    SASE sent with a few bucks.

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    First SASE's are filled and ready to go out tomorrow.

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    Neat! Can't wait to put them somewhere!

    I wonder if I can get an airborne picture of one with an F-16 in the background....

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    I should work out some prizes for people putting them in the most interesting places. Maybe have people post the pics on facebook and in this thread and then we pick the best one each month.

    And for people that post pictures on the internet that I randomly come across. Anything to help spread the word.

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    If you are going to be at World Cup find me for free stickers.

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    Will send mine out today.

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    If I send you canadian stamps will that work? these look pretty awesome and I want one for my laptop

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