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Thread: Super Tiny Tank Problems?

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    Super Tiny Tank Problems?

    So, over on MCB someone shared that Polestar Airsoft is bringing a new air tank that is the same diameter as a Mil-Spec AR buffer tube, and is a 4500PSI, 3.3CI. It's got a few folks over at MCB interested in it but, it has me wondering about something that has applied to myself: With decreasing tank sizes aren't we likely to see less consistency over the chrono? I'm no expert in fluid/thermo dynamics or pneumatics but, I've been left with the impression that the output pressure of the reg is dependent on the input pressure and the way that I'm seeing it, as you're tanks gets smaller and smaller, each shot from the paintball gun is taking a larger percentage of the volume on each shot.

    This leaves me with a few other questions-
    At what point does this impact consistency (i.e. not at the 68-45ci level but possibly the 20ci-13ci?)
    Is it true that as the input pressure drops most (if not all) paintball regulators will have slight increase in output pressures? (I swear I heard this from a knowledgable person at one point).

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    really depends on the linearity of the reg, not the size of the tank.
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    The output pressure of a reg as a function of input pressure depends on the design of the regulator. Some regs are "balanced," meaning that output pressure is independent of input pressure, while other regulators are biased one way or another. For example, PE regs output higher pressure as input pressure increases, while Bob Long regs output lower pressure as input pressure increases. Most regulators are biased similarly to PE regs, including Dye, Ninja, MacDev regulators.

    As for the tank size that affects output pressure, it also depends on the regulator design.

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    I realized that doesn't answer your question, so to try again:
    Regulator output is dependent on input pressure, not volume. So if you have a regulator on you 68ci tank that's consistent until 500psi tank pressure, the same reg on a 3.3ci tank will be consistent until 500psi tank pressure. So if you have 2000 consistent, full-velocity shots out of your 68ci tank, you should get (2000*3.3/68) consistent, full-velocity shots out of your 3.3ci tank.

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