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Thread: Question for Inception Designs Team!

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    Question for Inception Designs Team!

    Well folks, as a fan of the autococker I?ve slowly but surely converted my collection of electronic markers to mechanical autocockers and I couldn?t have been more happy about it. Needless to say, my girlfriend has become fond of paintballing with me and I really, really want to build her a minicocker to suit her preferably with Inception parts and body kit. All of this to basically ask if you guys build guns for custom orders or anything like that, or if we need to order parts and assemble it here in the States. Any information would be great! Thanks guys, you all do fantastic work.
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    Simon hasn't posted much in a while. Not sure this is still a good way to get a hold of him, and I'm not sure how many other forum members here are actually involved with the company.

    I took a look at the website and it doesn't appear to show any "custom order" style options outside of "order this with a pump handle or a set of pneumatics"... Looks like you'll be ordering parts and building at your house.

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    Things have certainly been busy for us in the last few months.

    We build small production run guns with our parts and custom ano runs that we consider "stock" for a period of time, and make them available on our website and to our dealers, but we don't custom build guns to order. The difference is small, but significant to how we can keep the business here moving. We don't take money on pre-orders, but we can put you on a waiting list if you are looking for one of our "standard builds". You pay when the gun is finished. If you don't then after a few days it moves to the next person in line.

    We do have dealers that can build full custom guns for you. Depending on where you are in the country you might want to try Paintball Gateway, NFG Customs, Cousins Paintball, PB Sports, or ask any of our dealers. There is also Tim "Paintball Tek" Firpo who can custom build you a gun with our parts.

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