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Thread: Bridging the gap in a t-rail frame

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    Bridging the gap in a t-rail frame


    Am wondering about using an adapter on a t-rail frame, much like this:

    However, am concerned about the fact that, instead of the t-rail supporting much of the load, it's just screws in aluminum threads.

    Is this something to be concerned about, or not so much?

    Thanks very kindly!

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    (crickets chirping)



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    Its not ideal that the threads are weaker then the screw but basically every gun from the past was setup this way. It is not the best but it has worked fairly successfully for a long time.

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    Not so much.

    As long as you've got 3-4 good threads engaged (1/8" for a 32 tpi screw) it's fine.
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    Thankee, gents!

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    It will be fine. We have quite a few people that are using our adapter rail on our frames because they wanted the frame to be taller, or the ASA to be adjusted further (forward or back). Haven't had any issues, and as Florypb points out it's pretty much how all bottom lines used to be mounted.

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    Years ago a buddy and I were doing a test on threads to see how tough they were. He happened to work at PACCAR and had access to a lot of great testing equipment, and he was a destructive test engineer for semi trucks. So we put a stress analyser with 1000lbs worth of testing force (might have been 10,000lbs?) and we would be able to measure how tough a thread was.

    He drilled a few dozen 10-32 holes into a 6061 sheet and we put the first screw in at half a turn, then a full turn, then 1-1/2 turn, etc.

    The third screw maxed out the test unit.

    If you go 3-4 good turns, like Steve said, you are fine.
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