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Thread: Target guns are gawjus.

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    If i am not mistaken, most target firearms are single shot, so the simplicity of design is taken down to the barest means. No receiver for a magazine, little need for more than a breech, bolt firing pin, sear and trigger. When you then consider that most, if not all high grade target arms on the competitive level are custom made for each individual user, the grips/handholds are only going to be in one place, and there is no need for anything more than what is needed. Add in that these are extremely robust (thousands upon thousands of rounds being fired), yet super light for being used over long periods of training & competitiom. Everything that is removed for weight savings gives these ultra-skeletonized looks. So those ounces and grams removed can mean the difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cockerpunk View Post
    used by someone with little more training than an ape on there 16th hour of a 24 hour, 1800rnd rolling gunfight.
    You really think that of our troops? Maybe it's different today, but when I was in, our guys trained our asses off, especially with our more lethal equipment. Maybe it'd have done you some good to have spent some time with a combat arms unit and find out what they actually do and know.

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    Pretty sure he was talking about PB, pump.

    It's not like reliability has ever been a priority in standard issue military arms...
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    So I bought a new car this weekend.

    Spice Orange Ford Fiesta ST.

    LOL WRONG THREAD.... meant to post this in the OT thread...
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    Quote Originally Posted by vijil View Post
    Oh, hey, that looks kinda cool too... can I customize the colors? Badabing, there's your feinwerkbau.
    Along with a $2800 price tag, if my google-fu is worth anything.

    Speaking of which, wonder when the next SL is due.
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    I totally agree - I love the look. If I ever do airsoft, it will look like that, instead of a milsim something.
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    Honestly, stuff like this makes me want to get into airsoft haha. A lot of those guns look nothing short of stunning.

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