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Thread: KP1s Finally Release

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    KP1s Finally Release

    Kinetic Paintball has finally released the KP1s. It took a long time, but I'm really proud with how the pants came out. We put a lot of thought and effort into how we designed the pants and I think we came up with a solid balance of rugged durability and weight. Mediums come in at about a pound depending on how tall the wearer is. Here are some of the specs:

    Custom-Length fit
    Lightweight athletic design
    Upper-half constructed with durable four-way stretch Tweave Durastretch
    U-crotch for a greater range of motion
    Five ventilation zones made with heavy-duty four-way stretch nylon mesh
    1000d Cordura nylon knees
    Two squeegee pockets
    Heavy-duty nylon stitching
    Elastic waist with silicon grippers
    Large front pockets
    Belt Loops

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    Photobucket isn't letting the pics through?

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    I found an addon a while back that bypasses Photobucket's block. No more Photobucket graveyards in old forum posts.

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    I don't know, fly casual

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    Just rip off the band-aid and move it all to imgur.
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    Best plugin ever, thanks. I have so much stuff on the nation and here that's gone buhbye.

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    Fixed the links. Last time I use photobucket for anything.

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    Congratulations on the release. However I do foresee a future in which I am very angry after getting a "great deal on a KP1" and some pants arrive instead of a Sheridan KP1.

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    Clicked thread expecting vintage Sheridan Porn.

    Was disappointed.

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    Vlad there is no ugly brass.

    So where do we get buy these bad boys?

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