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Thread: Empire Sniper- What parts do I buy???

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    Empire Sniper- What parts do I buy???

    Ok, I've been staring at Inception parts for the better part of 2 years and it's time to actually order something to make this sniper the best pump it can be.

    Question: Does the Genesis kit fit the Empire Sniper? That would take care of the pump handle, guide and pump rod. Will I still want to upgrade to the Universal Hammer?
    What else?

    Whatever advice you guys can give is greatly appreciated.

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    I've never owned a Sniper myself, but from what I've heard, the Universal Hammer is the first part people buy.

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    No, the genesis kit will not fit. I believe you could change the pump handle (i like the stock sniper pump handle) to the genesis one. But you can get the Drift kit for the Sniper.

    But are you looking at scratch building the gun or do you already have the sniper and are looking at swapping in parts?

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    Hammer and valve are solid upgrades. The frame, feedneck, ASA and 45 grips are great, as well.

    Actually, I can't think of an Inception part that I've tried that I don't recommend.

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    I appreciate your interest in our parts.

    The hammer is for sure the most important part that makes the biggest difference.

    The Genesis kit won't fit as the Empire Sniper has the ASA built into the front block. That's one of the most expensive and complex parts of the pump kit to make, hence why it is only available on the Drift kit.

    If you are looking for performance then the hammer and pump kit will make the most difference.

    Other parts are fun to swap out but are more of a nicety (like moving to our ASA) or cosmetic like our bodies and feednecks. Many pump players swear by 86 frames for the ergonomics.

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    Thanks all for the responses. I've ordered the hammer and pump guide. Very much looking forward to changing out the existing parts.

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