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Thread: Just had a simple yet killer idea for an autococker accessory.

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    Just had a simple yet killer idea for an autococker accessory.

    I'm gonna machine this up, but as soon as I said it, the other guys thought I should suggest it as an Inception Designs or Killshot product.

    So, someone with a Kraken wants to do an 'extended reach' front block. Ok... but that square ass chunk of meat for the hpr/vasa is still there. Mill it off to make it rounded and there's probably not enough meat to thread plugs. I said "Just mini it and that's all gone anyways... then use that mini front block that is bored out for the merlin banjo"

    "Yeah, but I don't want a mini; I want a full bottom tube with extended reach." *he says*

    "Well, you would have to mill something harder than aluminum ('Aluminium' for you, Simon), but if you mill up a round tube that's a couple inches long or so with a male end male threaded the same as a banjo bolt (in this case, merlin size), then left the 1.25" of tube, and at the other end tapped it to be the female for the actual banjo bolt... you could mini your Kraken, then put this on to effectively make it a full bottom tube again without the asa mount... and put that front block with vasa mount "extended reach" style at the front."

    Then silence.

    As soon as I said it, we all started thinking of all the other things such an accessory like this would allow...

    A "Lower Tube Extension"... basically allowing a mini body to get extended back to full length... but wait! There's more! (Billy Mays voice)

    Can also be used to...
    -make a full bottom tube EVEN LONGER. Ok, gonna need longer cocking rods, but damn, I'd do it.

    -make a version with a vasa mount to turn a mini body back into a full.

    -make a version with a side tapped 1/8" hole for a pressure gauge... or an elbow and a volumizer, lol... second LPR mount for a pneu-cocker? The extension is a volumizer itself after all.

    -want to combine a front block and body that are otherwise incompatible? Make one end for a merlin, the other for a karni (think of both combos here, lol). One end for regular banjo, the other for merlin. Now you could mount that swept back hpr karni block on your merlin, your fle mini, etc.

    -it's also a volumizer... a fatboy version (bottom bulge) could even add more. Or hell, a 3" version to make the bottom tube EVEN LONGER than a full cocker body.

    The catches? Well, you could have one with the vertical hpr mount twisted sideways (front block still lined up right) so the hpr makes your cocker look like a ww2 Sten. Yeah, some kind of anti-twist internal lock ring and set screw or key system might be needed. Longer than full length cocking rod if used to extend an already full length body. Longer timing rod needed for mech builds. Valve spring might need a new guide tube.

    So, good idea or what?!?

    If you don't like it, then I say to you that I just made all that up so I could say...

    "I shall call it The KOSUT COCK(er) EXTENSION."

    I'd buy a few for sure, lolol.
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    That actually sounds quite interesting. Could definitely think of some interesting experiments to run.

    Even just a lengthened front block(Same length pump and timing rods) with VASA in a more forward position would be interesting. Would keep the LPR at the front, and use elbows on the ram and switch...hrmm...

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    It's basically a pipe with male and female banjo threads. Leave it just round, or mill it up to compliment the FB or body.

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    We had one person talk about/request something like that a year or so ago. They wanted to turn a mini body back into a full length body.

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    Please make it possible for me to mount a TJD PA kit onto a mini'd body. There's a Karni that has an adapter that made it possible and it sounds like this might do a similar thing.

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    Yeah, to convert a mini back to full body... imagine adding one of these onto a full body though, lol... super extended reach! I'd take a few too. Think of the added volume!

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    I remember people asking Doc Nickel to do that years ago also, about 2-3 times a year.
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