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Thread: Replacing a "Castle" on a Field

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    Replacing a "Castle" on a Field

    Hello, everyone.

    I know this is a long shot and I expect I know the answer already, but I am looking for advice on building a large structure on a paintball field.

    The filed used to have a big, structure at the top of a hill called "The Castle" but it was destroyed in a hurricane years ago. (No one was prepared for this as we cannot possibly get hurricanes here. We have had two more since.)

    It would be great to get a replacement building but the owner is now retired from his day job and while business is up compared to 3 years ago but very down compared to 5-10 years ago. With the upward trend going on building something new is being considered.

    If anyone has suggestions for cutting down expenses on building materials I would like to hear/read them. I suspect all I will be told and all we can do is buy wood and nails and build something. Just in case though I thought I would ask.

    Also I am open to suggestions as to what to build. We want something that can be attacked or defended, something to stand out as a place to get to or run away from. A building that can be a major point of gameplay. Do not really know the dimensions of the original castle but I am thinking walls 15m long.

    One thought I had was to make a triangular structure to only have to worry about three sides.

    The owner is creative when it comes to physical stuff on his field so I am hopeful we can come up with a way to do it.

    He went to clear brush one day and then realize if he took it and bundled it he could make a mini bunker and would not have to haul it away.

    Perhaps there is nothing to this and we just need to buy some wood and rebuild the old structure. However I am hoping a conversation will at least get me thinking about new ideas for the building.

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    Look at loading palets, fenching material, even cheaper reclaimation building material. The harder part is getting people dedicated to build it, vs the material use. Even putting up a charity-esque game for the sole purpose of funding this will go a long way: shows the players that the field is not dead, and even start a write in of what the people would want to seetbuild (give them 3 choices or so, and they pick what they want). But the big thing is, letting the people know and letting them choose, as they will come to the new structure.

    Hell, even ask around to the players, for anyone with building experience. The chance that a contractor could get better prices, know of who & where to go to, would go a long way (even naming rights, or a good discount for future attendence would be a nice bonus.

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    Check your local codes, pick a building officials brain, they may or may not want to know what you?re up to, especially if the field is going to carry insurance.

    The easiest solution is probably a strong fence. Battlements will require stairs or ramps, which take a lot more area and material. A tower even more so, since you?ll probably want it to function as a keep, with some space between it and the walls to allow play inside the castle walls.

    How big of an area do you want to cover? Can you share a google map location for reference?

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    One of the local fields built this:

    You can see it's a frame of metal girders similar to the racks you would see at Home Depot (and considering their color, may have been sourced from one). A wood facade was then built onto the frame. It is fantastic fun to defend and a total pain in the butt to attack. For the most part, all four sides are enclosed, but the castle has two large doors that are typically kept cracked for players to enter and exit from as well as provide lines of fire so that it's not as ridiculously protective from assault. Usually the game played is for one team to attempt to touch a castle wall side while the other team skirmishes a small area out from the castle as well as defends from inside.

    EDIT: More and better photos here:

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    my best advise for building castles and the like, is to avoid a "theme"

    the castle will last 10-15 years, and in its lifetime will play as a crashed alien UFO, to Camelot and everything else in between. mostly it will play as something hard to stop paintballs. in designing it, try to avoid features that pidgin hole it. just focus on making it as playable and fun for BOTH sides as possible. the key to this to make the castle appear fortifiable, but that when certain angles are applied, becomes quite vulnerable. don't cut too many holes in it, as sometimes the blind areas make the castle much more fun to play. if you are going to two levels, make sure the stairs are somewhat vulnerable from certain angles, because trapping folks is half the fun of attacking a castle.
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