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Thread: 86 Frame Grip and Panel Options

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    86 Frame Grip and Panel Options

    i have a few 86 Inception frames that I'd like to get grips or panels for and I'm having trouble finding products specifically for the 86 degree frames. I've come across these Contract Killer panels, but there aren't any photos of them on the frames: I contacted Contract Killer but they responded with photos of a different panel on a 45 frame. I'm also not totally sure but it seems like those panels have an extra hole?

    What are you using for panels and grips on your Inception 86 frames? Please post photos if you have them, too.


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    Ck does make panels for the 86 frame. Try pointing out that they sent you photo's of a 45 and you really want to see them on an 86 before making a decision.

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