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Thread: Kids Low Impact Paintball

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    Kids Low Impact Paintball

    Hello, all.

    I was discussing with a field owner whose field is about a 1 hour drive west of me 50 calibre play for young kids. JT Splatmaster and Valken Gotcha specifically.

    One field in the region is doing good business with JT Splatmaster hosting parties for 9, 10 and 11 year olds. A field in Quebec whose ownership is friends with the above mentioned field owner is doing well offering JT Splatmaster games.

    I would like more feedback though. Does anyone here either run a field offering games for young players using these types of markers or just happen to know how field owners in your area feel about the products/concept?


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    I keep getting told that anything less than maximising how many cases per hour of paint you sell to each player is a great way to go out of business.

    Yet somehow these extremely low paint usage kiddies paintball setups seem to make a return.

    Someone's telling porkies.

    I do know that the gear isn't amazing and the springs are pretty difficult for the kiddies to ratchet back. The paint breaks in storage if you so much as look at it funny - to the extent that the field I'm near which used it was leaving bags open for a few hours just to make it a bit less brittle.

    Great concept though, seems to work.

    The biggest problem with kids paintball is that the masks practically fall down around their ankles and the average field wont want to have a separate fleet of kid size splatmaster goggles.
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    I've not been able to find .50 caliber near me on any day of play, though many of the fields say they have used it. There does seem to be a large demand from the younger players.

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    Its fun. First and foremost.

    Going from regular paintball to 50 cal is nothing to how it feels. For young children coming into it, it is well worth it to get their feet wet into paintball without the possibility of getting hurt, scared of regular paintball.

    There are 2 different kinds of paint, the regular and the low impact. The low impact, does break easily. I have no experience with the regular 50cal paint.

    No don't expect the paint to fly true at great distances. Just getting the kids feet wet with the game is great. As they get more into it, then they can graduate to real paintball.

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    We run bolt 50 cal markers and Valken Gotcha guns. We did away with Splatmaster. The spring feed only holding 17 shots or so, the kids lose interest pretty quick when the are constantly running out of paint. Gotcha has taken their place.

    Both type of 50 cal have been fantastic for us. We have way more rebookings and kids that can't wait to have their birthday after playing these formats. If you have ever tried running a party of 68 cal with kids in the 10-12 year old area. You know there is going to be at least one kid that takes a bad shot and you would think he got shot by a deer slug. Rolling around screaming and crying and saying he is never going to play paintball again. At the same time scaring the hell out of the rest of the kids. None of that with the 50 cal.

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