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Thread: Kids Low Impact Paintball

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    vijil: I am super confident we will move to AR based games instead of paintball, airsoft, laser tag, etc, but I think we are further off from that than most people think and I do not think you could do it right now in an outdoor venue or at all without a super duper advanced, difficult and expensive set-up like the Void. In a few years though, maybe and it has the potential to be terrific.

    Unfated33: I remember reading about the Void when they started and I so want to try it out. With a Star Wars licence even more so. Need an excuse to travel to a city with a Void Centre.

    Now I remember in the late 1980's there were a bunch of different calibres available for the sport. Did we not settle on 68 for a reason? I thought there was something about firing stability or wind stability or something that made it so it was overall the best option. Did the industry not care at all about impact force as a factor in making the choice? Or was it just a rumour and assumptions that 68 was chosen for good reasons was not true and it was really a random decision?

    When I asked about 50 calibre I was doing so in the context of the title of this thread and assumed that the velocity was far lower than normal. If you are using 50 calibre regular markers to reduce impact and we are talking about kids games (happy to talk about lower impact games using 50 calibre for adults though) I would think you reduce the velocity to further reduce impact. The lower range should not bother kids who battle in a closer space. Then again if you reduce the velocity too much you might as well use JT Splatmaster and Gotcha instead of regular gas powered markers.

    Then again, regular markers doing 50 cal can be more flexible. Tune them down a tiny bit for kids and back to normal for adults. Lot of flexibility there.

    I know a local field owner who I strongly feel would clean up with JT Splatmaster/Gotcha. This is why I am asking on the topic. Gathering info to help him make a decision and to figure out which set is probably better. However, 50 calibre for adults ("lower impact" as opposed to "low impact" I guess) is an interesting topic and instructive on the kids games too.

    Maybe Vijil is right. 50 calibre regular markers for adults, kids, everyone would work.

    In the short term, any JT Splatmaster vs Gotcha info is also helpful.


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    Being in LA there is a ton of VR stuff around. Word in those circles is that hard AR gaming is still a decade off, and a lot of the AR dev money has been diverted to job training and marketing.
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    Yeah , a decade seems about right.

    That said they infrastructure requirement won't be an issue for long, and BYO headset will be a thing soon enough if the oculus quest demos are anything to go by.

    I'd set up with Zero Latency if doing it today because they're a franchise type model, and have just done a huge deal with Microsoft and hp to partner on hardware and software. Good to get a leg up.

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    Indeed. We're in an awkward stage of waiting for AR/VR hardware/software/development knowledge to improve before this technology can truly become mainstream. Don't forget that the people who develop the content have to become more experienced and knowledgeable as well on an industry level. That might prove to be the slowest process of all.

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