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Thread: Stella Barrel Kits

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    Stella Barrel Kits

    The Stella Barrel System is a proven winner. This amazing barrel system includes everything needed to
    keep you competitive in all conditions. Making sure that you have the best barrel to paint bore is crucial to
    increased accuracy, increased efficiency and will help eliminate barrel breaks.

    Stella Barrel Kits Include:

    Available in Matte Black or Polished Black
    • 0.675 Barrel Back
    • 0.680 Barrel Back
    • 0.685 Barrel Back
    • 0.690 Barrel Back
    • Standard Insert Back
    • XL Insert Back

    Available in Stella Spiral Ported Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, or Threaded Fronts
    • 0.689 Barrel Front
    • 0.697 Barrel Front

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    Oooh... Gloss backs now?

    Might need another kit...
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    Yeah, I've thought the same thing here. One of the nicest touches I thought that was put into the Resurrection kits was the gloss backs and dust front. Really a sharp combo.

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