It has been a long long time since I have logged on here, I am in need of a little information on the tipx. It how ever seems that the tipx is a bit of a void though when it comes to the technical knowledge. Everybody and there dog is printing cosmetic stuff for it.(that is besides that fantastic thread on MCB on how to make it more betterer). It is stuff I could figure out my self (but I have not yet figured out how I am going to do the figuring out).

I have three bits of information I need to work on a mod I have in mind for the tipx that may spill over into something more.

1. Tipx standard spring specifications

2. Tipx bolt stroke length

3. Does the bolt face screw out of the bolt and which way does it go if it does. (Before I go and spend time making a tool to engage with the bolt) (I am sure I had the bolt tip out on one of the tipx/tpxs I had a long while back)

If it comes to anything, I will post up what I am working on.

Thanks in advance.