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Thread: Inception Designs - New Genesis Barrel - less than $40

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    Inception Designs - New Genesis Barrel - less than $40

    Inception has a brand new entry-level 14" Autococker threaded two-piece aluminum barrel: the Genesis.

    You can buy it here:

    The cool part is not only the very low price (it's the same price as just the Stella Slimline tip) but it is also fully compatible with full-price Stellas. The Genesis has the same internal finish as the full-priced Stella - so it should be just as accurate and straight porting so it should be relatively quiet.

    So it sounds like it should be a great starter barrel, loaner barrel, EMEK upgrade - and someone can upgrade it a piece at a time as well.

    These barrels are actually shipping now from Inception and some dealers already have them.

    Here it is in Inception's own words:

    Quote Originally Posted by Inception Designs
    This is the foundation for the Stella Barrel System. All barrel pieces are compatible with ALL other Stella pieces.

    8" control bore barrel back with a .686 bore.
    .697 bored barrel front with small diameter porting that makes the barrel quiet.

    The best choice for your first barrel upgrade is future-proofed and compatible with ALL Stella Barrel components.

    Longer 8" back section gives the best combination of efficiency and consistency leading to greater accuracy and range.

    Tighter back barrel bore and tighter front barrel bore gives greater velocity and allows the use of lower pressures for more shots from your tank.

    Small diameter porting makes the barrel quiet and stops rain and paint getting inside to keep accuracy even in the worst conditions.

    Smoother chamfer and radius entry to the barrel helps prevent paint breakage.

    Allows upgrades with compatible parts so this barrel kit can grow with your paintball experience.

    Downsides seem to be that it's only available in black, it has less logos, none of the external flats, none of the internal porting and its only available in one size.

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    This is resourceful.
    Must save. I know it will help me somewhere

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