Hello, all.

I did some research a while back and asked around about running an SMG-68 and a 68-Special on HPA. The consensus was I could if it was at very high pressure. I bought a super high pressure regulator to try. Was told at 1100 psi is might barely work. Now I question this thinking a lower pressure may be OK with the HPA tank and invite advice from anyone who might have an opinion on this.

More importantly I solved my problems with getting these markers to trigger the pins in modern tanks but have functional issues I would like to solve. A Ninja regulator extender did the trick for gassing up the markers.

The 68-Special will fire a ball then rapidly cycle 5 or 6 times making tonnes of noise but not shooting out anything else. This happened with both an HPA and a siphon CO2 20 ounces tank from the same era as the marker. Once it stops pulling trigger will have it happen all over again.

Any thoughts on how to fix this would be appreciated.

The SMG-68 is exploding balls. Based on the mess left behind I think it is happening before the ball even gets into the barrel. I try to shoot and clumps and fine particle spit out of the marker. After the first time this happened I cleaned the marker and switched the HPA tank to the CO2 tank mentioned above. Same thing happened again.

Used two different batches of paint. One was 2 months old but not looking that great and the other was 2 weeks old and looked fine.

Would so love to get the SMG working for the Canadian Magfed Championship on September 19th, 2020. Any thoughts on the matter, advice as to who might be able to help, anything to get more a step closer to the marker working is appreciated.