Hello, another tech help, situation has come up.

Someone just gave me his F1 Illustrator to me. He is cleaning house, simplifying his paintball set-up and knows that I use one so he handed it off to me. It is great to have a parts marker lying around and this one has the optional foregrip which mine does not. This is great.

Until I need to take a vital part from this one I thought it would be good to have as a backup so I would like to replace the missing parts on it. It needs some screws and a new detent, which I can take care of. It is also missing the trigger safety mechanism.

So I am looking for help to solve this issue. Are safety pins generally similar from marker to marker? Does anyone think I could try a couple of different ones from the other markers and have a realistic chance of finding one that will work? I can 3D print one if I had something to work off for the design. I am hesitant to remove my working one just to look at it.

If I have to make my own that will be annoying but I suppose I could. Does anyone think there would be a safety issue with using a plastic one?

Any info on the subject welcome.