Ok so firstly, i would like to apologize if this question was answered already. I searched and couldn't find anything. I have a leak in my UFC 3 way.

My current marker build is a 2003 Prostock, with a GTR Ram, UFC 3 Way, stock lpr, stock internals aside from an aftermarket bolt. This marker has a WGP Factory hinge frame.

The leak is coming out the front (where the hex head for the 3 way shaft is). I had to get a different length actuating rod due to the factory one being too short. I purchased the (3.065) timing rod to reach the correct position. I tried adjusting the 3 way as prescribed and can't get the leak to stop. The marker will cycle but still leaks out the front. If I have the marker cocked or not, the 3 way leaks. I thought, ok maybe the lpr is messed up. I removed the UFC 3 way and put the stock one on. No leaks, and maker cycles as it should. Put the UFC on, and i have leaks. I replaced the orings on the 3 way shaft, still leaks.

My question is, has anyone tried using a factory WGP hinge frame with the UFC 3 way, and if so, what are your experiences? Am I doing something wrong with the set up? I will be purchasing a new frame in the near future, as well as a DocFire LPR test rig so i know the exact pressures coming into the 3 way. Any help would be great as this marker has been just a piece of paintball eye candy on my wall since May of 2020. Thanks in advance.