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Thread: Adjustment range for inception regulators?

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    Adjustment range for inception regulators?

    I need a regulator to manage co2 pressure for my custom built 2240 air gun. Finding a regulator that is designed to specifically maintain the pressure at the optimal +850psi has become increasingly difficult. Most modern regulators for HPA operate at a range of 0-4500PSI, some are even greater. Where for my purposes, a range of 4500psi is unpractical, and increases the difficulty of fine tuning the regulator to the desired pressure significantly harder. I saw your regulators on amazon, and was curious about them, but neither amazon nor inception's website lists any operation ranges for the regulators. Neither of the two come close to even dropping a hint. So, wanted to know if anyone could provide this information, thanks.

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    I would guess they don?t go much over 500 psi.

    There are older paintball regulators out there designed for/to simulate CO2. You?d have the best luck with those; most stuff nowadays is designed for low output (350-500 psi) HPA to run around 200psi.

    I?m having a hard time thinking of a reg that would run around 850 psi. Sidewinders are 800, maybe ask the automag guys.

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