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Thread: Simon why remove feedneck portion from z2 shell

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    Simon why remove feedneck portion from z2 shell

    On the original prophecy the feedneck was molded to the shell. I thought this was genius because it locked the shell together and if someone shot the button it would not come apart. I've seen some cases where the front shell on the z2 would pop off mid game. Was there some sort of issue. I have a v2 and its been flawless ever since I bought it. Just curious on the design change. Also I know we talked about bigger z2 shells and was wondering will they sell the z2 with the new shell already installed like a XL version or will it just be an upgrade? I know you may not be allowed to answer this, and I completely understand if you can't. Any Info would be great.

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    I like the integrated feedneck system too, but the reality was that our manufacturer couldn't consistently process the special polycarbonate material in order to make sure they were always strong enough. So we ended up with more broken shells than I was happy with and a design iteration had to happen.

    I don't know of any broken feednecks with the Z2 system, but yes we do occasionally see the shells come apart accidentally. Often because they weren't fully clicked together, but I would definitely look for a new system on my next loader redesign.

    The larger body shells for the Z2 (when they land, and it is getting closer) will be sold as an accessory only. Maybe later there will be "special editions" of the loader that come with larger shells but there are no plans for that yet.

    p.s. Don't forget you owe me an update of your introduction

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