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Thread: Manik-e-mag

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    Simon, Ive got solidworks files of the breechs I modeled it up so that I could have my Xmag milled. If you want a copy Pm me.

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    Ok, so it was a little less than five minutes - Home of the bad, bad automag people.

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    holy crap we hit the bees nest! is this thing gonna be finished?!

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    Yes please, I'll take them.

    At some point this will very definitely be finished, the issue is when, it's going to be a little while before I can work on it.

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    Ill gather the files, (my filing is ummm not so organized). I will get them over to you or at worst bring them to Tunaball for you.

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    Awesome. Thanks

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    Simon, You should have a email with all the files. Approx 25MB worth.
    Several different file types of each. If you need another type let me know.
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    anyway possible you still have the cad file for this? im trying to design a custom marker body on a 3d printer

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    I should have it somewhere, and have been looking for it so I can make some more modules, but no luck yet.

    I don't tend to release CAD files of my gun designs, and would suggest trying to design something original rather than copying something that has been done already.

    Good luck.

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