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Thread: My FN303 set up for paintball...

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    My FN303 set up for paintball...

    So I went to Walmart and picked up my FN303.

    First off I cut open the valve so I could put an insert inside it to get the velocity down. Now she is shooting at 297-299 with first strike rounds.

    Then I removed the stock barrel made an adaptor ring and set it up to take Autococker threaded barrels. I have an Empire Superfreak installed so I can run a 0.69 insert for the first strike rounds, but could also bore size it down if I was running normal paintballs.

    Quiet, and accurate now. and I have the versatility of using an part of the Super Freak barrel system (even the Apex 2 with normal paint if I wanted).

    Only thing left is to get an angled sight rail and set it up with one of my cross bow scopes.

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    How was the barrel designed originally? And how is it shooting while shooting, with the HPA tank offset to the right?

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    love it! where can i get one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred View Post
    love it! where can i get one?
    Did you not read the 1st sentence? Walmart

    Man it would suck to get bunkered with that.

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    Checked Wally world today, their riot police surplus section was fresh out.

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    Man, I knew I should have gotten there early. I had to settle for a Splatmaster Shotgun.

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    You sick sick man!! - Home of the bad, bad automag people.

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    hummmm ... the one we modified for mike was already cocker threaded ...

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    Mine had the right threads but the lead was wrong and you couldn't just screw a cocker barrel in and expect it to work properly. Hence the adaptor ring to step it off and allow any cocker barrel to be used and screwed in tightly.

    Without the adapter ring you'd either have to cut the barrel lead (so it wouldn't be a stock autococker barrel) or wait until a mag was in and screw the barrel up against the magazine to make it tight. Neither was a good solution to me.

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    Planning on slinging this as a "special missions" shooter for events? It'd be a perfect sniper rifle for those scenario fields where we're all trying to shoot 200 feet with some semblance of accuracy (haha).

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