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Thread: TOP Secret. Prototypes...

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    TOP Secret. Prototypes...

    I have three (well four) units initially.

    The "Apache" barrel mount for 1" barrels and down.

    The "Apache" mount for 21mm, Deadlywind, carbon fibre barrels.

    The "Apache" Picattiney rail mount.

    The "Cyclops" Goggle mount.

    All designed to make it easy to use the Go Pro camera's on your paintball equipment and to be as light and functional as possible.

    Pictures to follow...

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    I've used 3 different kind of mount to date
    Contour Bike Bar mount
    Nummech Contour rail barrel mount (
    Nummech Camera barrel screw mount (

    My biggest thing is that they are too bulky. I use the tip of my barrel to aim. When you have a bulky mount it tends to block the view of the barrel tip. I notice my accuracy going down.
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    Mine are all ultra tight and ultra light. Need to post pics...

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    Very cool. Any thoughts on improving the R7 mounts?

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    I considered it, but don't have one to see what would be involved.

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    Great news.

    Am I the only one who doesn't like the R7 camera? Maybe it's more of a preference thing, but marketing it as a gun cam instills the idea that it is to be used like that. I had to go to their site to even see that it can be mask mounted. That, and I don't really like the 2 hour battery life.

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    The Go Pro's do seem to be a better camera for multiple uses.

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    nice, i have a car mount for mine and was gonna dick around with a mount for my mask one of these days, but i'd love to just buy one that works. like the car mount ... what a quality unit ... couldn't be happier.

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    Got a link to the car one you use?

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    I use the Panavise 809, those are friggen sweet as long as you can work with how big they are. Not too good for outside-of-vehicle mounting but it is better than nothing...

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