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Thread: TOP Secret. Prototypes...

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    Simon, Care if I post some pics of that mount on some pici rails?...

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    Here is an example of a cam mount suction cup that I would typically use in most productions requiring moving video shots. Not sure if the prior mention car mount is like this but having something better than the typical GoPro parts to go with this would be nice.

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    Dye DAM (mount seems a little lose with their rail system)

    M4 Airsoft Gun (excellent fit)

    BT TM7 Side Mount (excellent fit)

    Tippmann Phenom (excellent fit)

    Hopefully its nicer out this weekend and I get some free time to go out to the range. I'm just dying to try out my new Ruger SR556 with this mount. It should be a lot of fun...

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    Did I give you both versions of the Picatinny mount? It should have a letter or a number inside the rail mount area. Curious which one you are running.

    Will you be at the PSP this weekend?

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    It was the rifle version I believe. It mounted nice and secure to everything I've tried it on except the DAM. I am going to be sending Todd and a few other shop guys down this weekend but I am unable to attend.

    I've stared at this for 5 mins like it was an ancient codex and can't find a number or letter anywhere lol I am getting some wear on the underside near the threaded side from the screw tho.

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    It would be one of the middle "islands". That means it doesn't have one. It's one of my earlier samples, and that hole is slightly off. This was fixed and hence I started numbering or lettering them depending on what version they were.

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    Ahhh would that make a difference when mounting up to the DAM rails? Also Crunch loves his mount he bought for the regular barrels.

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    It depends on where it is actually touching when it clamps down on the DAM.

    If it's touching on the flats below the angle sections then the other version will help. If it's touching on the angles but not the flats and it is still loose... then they are way out of spec. I will take a mount with me and try putting it on a DAM at PSP.

    Glad to have a happy customer

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