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Thread: Need Assistance Goggles for Camera

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    Need Assistance Goggles for Camera

    Hi Everyone,

    Please see pictures below. This is called a Fig Rig (well this is 1/2 a fig rig) and it is used to stabilize the attached HD Camera and reduce the camera shake.

    Here is the problem, that Camera is my new Toy...and I dont want it to be destroyed when filming. While it doesnt look like much of a camera...its pretty damn good.

    The two rods sticking out in front of the camera have 2 slots. I have already slotted in a piece on industrial strength Plexiglass in those two slots to try and protect the camera.

    But when I tested the Plexiglass, it took the first 3 hits and then cracked.

    I have looked a goggle lenses from paintball masks, but the lenses are curved and distort the image.

    Where can I find a flat piece of see through plastic that can withstand 300 FPS.

    Please note. Im trying to make this something that anyone can do and as you can imagine would have a lot of bennifit to paintball photographers and videographers. Yes, I do own a number of GoPros but they are stuck in wide angle and dont have a zoom...which really sucks for filming paintball.

    Any thoughts or assistance would be appreciated.

    Photo 1 Fig Rig figrig2.jpg
    Photo 2 Fig Rig figrigupclose.jpg

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    Interesting set up.

    Goggle lenses are made of polycarbonate. Like Acrylic (Plexiglass) it can be very strong, but also very brittle.

    You want to hold it as uniformly as possible and avoid jagged edges or scratches or holes which allow failures to propagate and the whole piece to break.

    Sanding and polishing the cut edges will help, sometimes I have heard of even melting them slightly although I would be nervous of that.

    A better frame more uniformly holding the plexiglass or polycarbonate may help. Thicker material will help also.

    Show us more when you get it done and it's in use!

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    Hrm, another thing to consider is the shape of the plexiglass/polycarbonate or whathaveyou. If you can find a piece that's domed it will be significantly more resistant to impacts due to the way the geometry distributes the force.
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    Would it be possible to put another lense in front of the first lense to correct for the distorsion?
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    Depending on how much you need the screen, I'd put the whole camera inside a piece of PVC pipe, 3" should be sufficient, to protect it from the sides. Cut the center out of an end cap, or better yet throw a threaded end on it. Then you can cut the center out of a threaded end cap and glue a piece of polycarbonate to it. You can pick up sheets at a plastic supplier. Should be easy to cut out some rounds you can swap out if they get to dinged up. If you need the screen out the side use 3-4" pipe and cut a slot. Throw in some foam, dense weatherstripping would work, on the bottom inside of the pipe for the mount screw to snug the camera down into. Should help with vibration rattle.

    and if you dont have a plastics supply house nearby, Amazon is your friend
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