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Thread: Reg seat material

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    Reg seat material

    I have two dilemmas- I am almost out of reg seats for my Centerflag Dynaflows and I am completely out of them for my AGD 4500 flatline and there are no more available for either.

    I am not sure if Zupe ever plans on making more for the flatline. Centerflag is gone forever. I would hate to think that I have about $600 worth of paperweights.

    The Centerflag reg seat, if you are not familiar with it, is a little pin looking thing. The Flatline is more of a washer. I would love to at least look into having some made, but I have no clue what they are made out of. (or how they are made). Im assuming the AGD ones are press punched. Not sure about the Centerflag ones. Im wondering if they could be machined?

    Thoughts? - Home of the bad, bad automag people.

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    The AGD Flatline seats are 90 durometer urethane if I recall correctly. I do believe they were stamped out of a sheet.

    You could have seats machined or stamped.

    I don't recall the Centerflag reg seats. Can you post an image?

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    I will have to take some pics. - Home of the bad, bad automag people.

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    Sorry for a thread-jack, but what is the benefit of a flatline over a regular tank?

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    I am not sure there really was one.

    When Tom designed it, he had intended for it to have a very flat output pressure, but I haven't seen a big difference in comparison to other reg systems.

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    I take it they were created before variable output tank regs?

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    They were made as one of the last of the bottom line based tank reg systems before the screw in's became more popular.

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    I know Air America, Smart Parts, and AGD both made bottomline tank regs. Those were the big few, yeah?

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    way back in the 1990's, it was normal to have dedicated air systems for guns. Air America had the Apocalypse, Armageddon, Raptor. AGD had the Flatline(in both 3000psi and 4500psi flavors), MacDev had the Conquest and something else(the name alludes me) before the Conquest and SP had the Max-Flo. even as the screw in tanks where showing up, the regs weren't the best, and if you wanted a 4500psi tank, in whatever size, you had to go to a dedicated air system. it even extended to the fact that some guns used regs, before screw in regs became good, consistent and affordable. 12 years ago, an Air America Unireg was a solid $100+ to buy. people would just buy an adjustable tank reg and forget about it. now, a used 68/4500 tank will run $120 or so and people will have multiple guns to use it on. whether its a pump, mech or electro, and even different flavors of each.

    so it was more the move toward affordability than performance and a move toward performance in the secondary reg, where the supply is just a supply.

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    Severe Necropost, but I believe centerflag seats were made of pctfe, trade name kel-f. Air America reg seats and tornado valve cup seals were made of this as well.

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