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Thread: Go Pro Picatinny Rail mount (1913 and 1913 XL) compatibility thread

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    I have a question.. I would like to put a Go pro camera mount on my real gun (AR15) and was wondering what one I need to use to do so.. I noticed there are a Regular and XL Version just not sure how to tell the difference as one has a "P" on the bottom and one has a "1" on the bottom can someone please help me?




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    The "P" engraving is the oversized one as it was originally intended for Pistols (most of which don't seem to care about the milspec standard).

    The "1" is the Standard version and should fit your AR. It does mine

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    Why don't pistols care for Milspec? (truly curious) It isn't that hard to find the tolerances for Milspec. How off are they?

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    I am not sure but I suspect it's do with fitting the recoil system into the front of the frame and having as much material as possible for strength. Also probably a size issue as the accessories would sit lower with the full mil spec rail IIRC.

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