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Thread: We need to make this... Brutus Rotary Mag fed pistol!

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    Don't tempt me. I would do dirty things to get my hands on that gun.

    Quote Originally Posted by D3adpool View Post
    Do you need a R7 for measurements?

    I would be happy to lend it out for this....

    Also, as another point of reference.... I am sure most have seen this vid but just in case...

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    Quote Originally Posted by D3adpool View Post
    The tip is a Carter Whoosh. That alone was maybe a $100.

    The freak and flute milling cost me maybe $65 all in if I recall correctly.

    Yup hand feeding FSRs
    I knew the Whoosh tip is supposed to be awesome and spendy. Couldn't believe how much he wanted. oh well I still like it the way it is.

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    D3adpool: I had not seen that video, thanks for referencing it. The marker in the video is I am pretty sure the coolest marker I have ever seen.

    WholemealDrop: The video you referenced was a very, as in extremely, close second.

    I would totally give both my kidneys for either of those markers. (Hopefully someone who read my intro will get that.)

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