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Thread: What can anyone tell me about this barrel.

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    What can anyone tell me about this barrel.

    In short I bought this barrel awhile ago. I was told it was a one-off BOA. Well isnt everything one off in paintball.
    Ive seen very similar barrels called out as J&J but it was brass. and a one piece.

    This barrel is stainless, has what Ill call straight rifling inside. The muzzle break area is a seperate piece that is press fit onto the main shaft of the barrel. All cuts and fits are done very very well.

    So the question is what is it?

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    nice reflex kit ....

    no idea on the barrel ahah
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    I'd suggest J&J. They did lots of custom work from what I remember (they ran ads in APG with a whole mess of custom barrels in the mid '90s) and I have a very similar straight rifled ss barrel that I've always assumed was J&J, similar slot ports, but not nearly so short.

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    I have several straight rifled barrels from J&J. They are the only people I know to have made them.

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    Yep, that looks to be a J&J - I had several. The straight rifling and milling on the tip is a give-away. BOA also almost always had a ridge on the front as a BOA signature.

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    Cool, thanks. I guess its a old J&J. I have no issues with that. I had half expected that was what it was to begin with.

    Cockerpunk: Thanks, the reflex kits a fun little extra on that gun. Other then everything on it has to be loctited or it will shake itself apart.

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